What is Full Range Speaker ?

全频音箱:就是只用一个全频喇叭做成的音箱,只有一个喇叭,实际上,一个喇叭不可能把所有频段都覆盖,一般说的全频,其实就是宽频,也就是频率的范围比较宽,以前的全频喇叭涵盖的频率范围是 200——10000Hz,近年来随着声学技术不断进步,现在一般的全频喇叭都可以达到 50——25000Hz 的频率范围,有些音箱的低频可以下潜至 30Hz。




材料主要分成两种:铝(aluminum)和塑料(plastic)和不锈钢(stainless steel)
尺寸:普遍从1.5寸,2.0寸,2.25寸, 2.5寸和2.6寸。还有些比较另类的2×3寸椭圆型的。


Cogoo 2.5 inch Full Range With Bass 中低音 – CG-MB006

Zen4 2 inch Full Range With Bass 中低音- Zen88

SoundStream 2.5 inch Full Range With Bass 中低音 - RX-3FR

Adams Digital 2 inch Full Range Tweeter With Bass高低音 – AD-225T

Soundstream 2.5 inch Full Range Tweeter With Bass 中高低音 RX-5FR

Fesion 2.5 inch Full Range  纯中音  - FE-065H02

Adams Digital 2 inch Full Range Tweeter中高音 – AD-225


Why Choose a Full Range Speaker?

Having in mind that you may have to sacrifice the bass performance, you may be wondering if a full range speaker is worth buying.

However, this type of speaker may be all you need to make your home lively. It offers a listening experience that most multi-way speakers can’t match, giving you the illusion of a live concert.

Moreover, they give you a fantastic midrange and allow you to enjoy an excellent soundstage experience.

For big units, the bass performance is incredible, but you will have to compromise on the higher frequencies.

However, they produce a sound that can challenge most multi-component speakers on the market. In general, the clarity of these speakers is quite lovely while working within the limitation of their designs.

Understanding Human Hearing And Full Range Speakers

To fully understand what a full range speaker is, it’s essential to learn about sound. Sound frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), or the number of times that the audio signal rises and falls within a second.

Quality speakers are built to produce both high and low frequencies at a level that is audible to the human ear.

The human ear is capable of hearing all sounds ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. To help you understand this concept, speakers can produce a heart-thumping bass at 20Hz and a piercingly high-frequency signal at 20,000 Hz (20 kHz).

A full range speaker is capable of producing most of these frequencies, within the limitations of its physical constraints. That means that the speaker’s design can influence the sound quality of a full range speaker.


Full range speakers offer a great sound experience and the quality of sound is better than that of most multi-way speakers.

The elimination of a crossover gives these speakers more power to provide a delightful listening experience, with more clarity and detail in the mid-level tones.

However, commercial full range speakers may be expensive and are rare. In some cases, audiophiles may have to assemble their own units.